Irish job portals

The most popular websites in Ireland

You can find vacancies in Ireland on classic job-seeking services, for using which you shall speak English:


INTREO - is the website of Social Protection Department, established in 2012. A wide range of job offers for part-time and full-time work, internship offers, educational programs and courses are provided on this website. For your convenience, there is an availability of filtering job offers by location, salary and category.

Specialized websites

Let’s pass to the specialized websites for employment in Ireland in separate spheres and areas.

Nowadays, the medical personnel is in deficiency on the international labour market. And it is suspected, that the deficiency will grow in the following few years in relation to the retirement of elder generation. The special portal of European union EU NEALTH STAFF offers new vacancies for the doctors in Ireland inclusively.

The portal EXPATJOB offers job for expatriates.

Useful information

Many people dream about changing their lives, new job, new home, and more and more people set even more difficult aims and step into the new life abroad. There is no doubt, that moving abroad is a frightening idea, but being prepared to it is half the battle. There are a lot of advices on the Internet, and we can also offer you some useful articles: