Job Hunting Websites is Switzerland

Popular websites

You can find vacancies in Switzerland on classic job hunting services, for reviewing which you shall speak one of the following languages: German, French or English.

http://www.jobup.ch/en/              not for Russians
http://www.jobscout24.ch/de/     not for Russians
not for Russians    

The Internet isn’t the only source for searching for vacancies in Switzerland. Another one is mass media. Refer to the job hunting section of the New Zurich Newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung on-line version. The job offers are divided according to the following areas: law, economics, banking, governance and social activities, management, information technologies, medicine, staff management, chemistry-biology-pharmaceuticals, finances, marketing, sales, education, engineering, internships and job offers for graduates, job offers for English speakers. In general, the vacancies, represented here, are within the canton of Zurich, but there are also some job offers for other cantons.  

JOB-ROOM.CH is the official website of Swiss Employment Assistance State Service.  Both vacancies with employer contact details and links to the vacancies from the Internet search systems and relative sections of companies’ websites are published here. In terms of location, the job offers aren’t limited by any canton. Furthermore, when choosing the region, you have an option “abroad”. There are no restrictions, related to the sphere of activities too.   

 OSTJOB is the website for searching for a job in the Eastern Switzerland. It is completed by the websites for searching for job in the Southern Germany and Western Austria.  

Specialized websites

Let’s talk about the specialized websites for searching for job offers in Switzerland in separate spheres and areas. MYSCIENCE portal is designated for the specialists, searching for a work in the sphere of scientific researches and innovations. ALPHA website is specialized on selection of candidates for senior positions and top managers.

JOBSINNETWORK: from the moment of its creation, the website has become very popular within online recruitment: there are a lot of job offers for the professionals, whose main language, necessary for job, is English, in all countries, where English-speaking highly qualified specialists are required.

Vacancy aggregators

What are vacancy aggregators? The aggregators have no own database, they collect data on job offers in Switzerland from multiple other portals, such as Monster and other leaders of Internet recruiters. After the search results are retrieved, you can learn the website, on which a job offer is published, by a logo.