Job search websites in Japan

The most popular websites

You can find vacancies in Japan on the classic job search engines; the use of websites requires a good knowledge of English or Japanese:



JOBSTREET, a quite well-known website that specializes in job search in Southeastern Asia, also offers vacancies in Japan.  

Employment service centers in Japan

Japan offers special employment service centers for both Japanese and the foreigners, and their names speak for themselves. For example Hello workThe “Hello work” offices are situated in many Japanese cities and in each district of Tokyo. Please visit the Tokyo information portal to find more details in English. Moreover, there is a Japanese specialized employment service center for foreign students and foreigners, who live in Japan legally —Nishi Shinjuku Center, it has been created with support from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 

Specialized websites

Let’s move to the specialized job search websites in Japan for specific areas and industries. If you’re looking for a job in hotels, please visit the HOTELJOBS website. It provides an opportunity to filter the vacancies search results by Japanese cities, major companies, or by occupation.  

You can find special job offers for bilinguals – emigrants from other countries with a good knowledge of German, English, Russian, and other languages on СAREERCROSS. Their slogan says, “Access to vacancies in Japan from thousands of employers”.

GETSTUDENTS — a specialized website designed to help foreign students with employment. If you’re willing to work as an English or Russian language teacher, please visit this website.

Another interesting Tokyo’s website is GaijinPot that offers vacancies for IT specialists and software engineers, not just for those, who live in Japan, but also for potential job seekers, who live abroad (OVERSEAS OK section). Beside Tokyo vacancy announcements, there are also other sections. For example, “Apartment rent”.

What are the job seeking websites — aggregators?

Aggregators do not have their own databases; they collect the employment-related information in Japan from many other portals like Bumeran and other leading web recruitment systems. Once the search results are displayed, you can recognize a website, where a respective job offer is posted, by its logo: