Job search websites in Portugal

Popular Portuguese websites

You can find vacancies in Portugal on the classic job search engines; the use of websites requires a good knowledge of Portuguese:


Job market of the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training implements state employment programs at national and local levels and offers vacancies of Portuguese employers.

Angloinfo is a web portal for English speakers scattered across the world, it was created by emigrants, who know perfectly well about the difficulties of the emigrant’s life. The portal’s mission is to help users from all over the world to find information in English related to a life of expat, including one related to job search in the JOB section. Today the portal covers 40 countries. For Portugal, please visit the respective page on AngloinfoCurrently it does not work for Russians.

JOBSINNETWORK: since its creation, the website has filled a niche in Internet recruiting that was really missing in Europe: it offers vacancies in all European countries for professionals, who use English as a main working language. For Lisbon, please visit JOBINLISSABON.

Specialized websites

Let’s move to the specialized job search websites in Portugal for specific areas and industries. You can find vacancies in Portugal in IT, software programming, administration, and development on ITJOBS.

Volunteering is always an invaluable experience that let you feel yourself a decent member of society, and it is a perfect way to practice and learn local language. If you want to volunteer in Portugal, use the BOLSADOVOLUNTARIADO website.

Vacancies aggregators: from the word “aggregate”  

Aggregators do not have their own databases; they collect the employment-related information in Portugal from many other portals like Monster and other leading web recruitment systems. Once the search results are displayed, you can recognize a website, where a respective job offer is posted, by its logo: