Websites for searching for work in France

Popular websites

You can find vacancies in France on classic employment websites, for using which you shall speak French:


Specialized websites

Let’s pass to the French specialized employment websites for separate spheres and areas.  

According to Wikipedia, France is first in line among the most tourist countries of the world, and 700 000 people work in the sphere of tourism in France. Throughout the world, there are specialized websites for employment in touristic area. Hospitality Online is a website, established in USA as far back as in 1998, and its slogan is “It’s more than a job. It’s who we are”. You can also search for a work in a restaurant or a hotel on the website. You can also search for a work in a restaurant or a hotel on the website LHOTELLERIE..

Search for vacancies in IT-sphere, software engineering, administering and software development on the website Lesjeudis.

11432 job positions in the areas of banking, finances, accounting and insurance are offered on the website EFINANCIALCAREERS.

JOBSINNETWORK: since the moment of its establishment, the website has filled the gap in online recruitment. It offers vacancies in all European countries for the professionals, whose main language for job is English. Pass to the page JOBINPARIS.  

What are vacancy aggregators? The aggregators have no proper database, they collect data on vacancies in France from other multiple portals, such as Monster and other leaders of online recruitment. After the search results are delivered, you can see, what website is a vacancy posted on, looking at its logo: