Websites for searching for work in Italy

The most popular online resources


You can find vacancies in Italy on classic job-seeking services, for using which you shall speak Italian:

The website Cliclavoro.gov is a vacancy exchange platform of the employment service, supported by the government. Apart from vacancies in Italy, you can find job in municipal and public institutions here.

Specialized websites

There are other multiple specialized employment websites in Italy. For example, Student.it/lavoro provides vacancies for the students, Jobict.it/ — for IT specialists.

The tourism and Italy are two inseparable terms. Venice and Rome, Toscana and Rimini, Liguria and Cinque Terre!!! Pass to LAVOROTURISMO and  JOBINTOURISM websites to search for work in Italy.

There is a special website for English speaking professionals in Milano JOBSINMILAN.      

There is no secret, that Italy is rightfully considered to be the capital of fashion industry. If you want to work in this area, then search for vacancies in Italy on the following websites: PAMBIANKOJOBS (in Italian) and  FASHIONJOBS (in English and Italian).

What are vacancy aggregators?

The aggregators have no proper database, they collect data on vacancies in Italy from other multiple portals, such as Cliclavoro and other leaders of online recruitment. After the search results are delivered, you can see, what website is a vacancy posted on, looking at its logo:


Useful information

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