Work in Spain

How to find job for foreigners in Spain? 

There are always available options

We offer the fullest selection of web-sites for searching for a job in Spain, it contains both classical search engines and web-site of Employment Service of Labor Registry Office.

EU Blue Card is a project of EU countries, a so called answer to US Green card. It shall attract talents and smart people from non-EU countries. Create account at the EU Blue Card official web-site and look through appropriate job offers from abroad. 

Do EU citizens have to get a working visa?

Spain is a member of EU. It’s a well-known fact, that all EU citizens are entitled to live and work on the territory of European Union and don’t need to get neither working visa nor work permission. They can enter the country, get registered with the Employment National Agency of Spain (Instituto Nacional de Empleo — INEM) in order to find work within 90 days. After labor agreement execution EU citizens may apply for residence permission.

What shall non-EU citizens do to enter Spain legally?        

There are three main stages, you shall pass to get work in Spain:
•    receipt of work permission and residence permission (Autorización de Residencia y Trabajo por cuenta ajena inicial),  
•    receipt of residence permission visa with the right of working,

•    receipt of resident card with the right of work.  

How to get work permission in Spain?

Application for the issue of work permission in Spain (Ex-01 form) shall be submitted to competent authorities (Oficinas de Extranjeros, либо Áreas o Dependencias de Trabajo e Inmigración o Dirección General de Inmigración) in two copies by a job offer of official representative personally.

Regional Employment Agencies take decision on work permission issue. After approval of application a foreign worker (non-EU citizen) shall get working visa in Spain. You can get more information on types of work permissions and their receipt requirements on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

Entry and resident card receipt in Spain

In order to enter Spain, the one shall get D category national visa. For that he or she shall apply to the nearest Consulate of Spain in his or her country.

Within 1 month after entering Spain a foreign worker shall apply documents for the issue of Foreigner Identification Card (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero).
Resident card shall be routinely prolonged if you can confirm your employment with contracts. 

Usually, during the first year you can work only by the specialization and in the region, which were specified in the contract, which was a ground for working visa issue.

A spouse and children shall be specified in application for getting foreigner work permission. After work permission request approval, the documents of family members for visa issue shall be submitted simultaneously with employee’s visa documents.

A spouse and dependents don’t get work permission in Spain automatically. A spouse and children shall get their own working visas for the purpose of execution of labor activities in Spain.

You can do it being on the territory of Spain by applying to the Foreign Affairs Office (Oficinas de Extranjeros) or to the Regional Department of Ministry of Labor (Delegación Provincial del Ministerio de Trabajo).