Work in Turkey

How can a foreigner find a job in Turkey?

There are always available options. We offer you the fullest selection of websites, which contains both classical search engines and Russian-language platforms in Turkey.

Who shall you do to enter Turkey legally?

1. Make work permission.
3. Make working visa to enter Turkey.
4. Get Turkish residence permit.

How shall you make work permission in Turkey?

You may submit work permission application to one of consular institutions both on the territory of Turkey and in the country of your permanent residence:

You shall apply labor contract and employment order (see complete list of documents) to the application. In Turkey the job offer further shall submit E-application and provide all necessary information and documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. After application consideration the Ministry of Labor:


 transfers positive or negative answer to the Consulate of the country of permanent residence, the Consulate shall inform the applicant on Turkish work permission issue);

 or, if the applicant is in Turkey, the Consulate informs the decision to the job offer or to the applicant).


Foreigner registration after entering Turkey

The foreigners, who came to Turkey for work and who got work permission and stay permission in the Consulate, shall register themselves with the Address Registration System within twenty working days after entering Turkey. 

How can you get Turkish residence permit?

Holders of working visa and work permission shall get the residence permit card within 30 days after entering the country. After submitting a request through e-residence system you shall provide an application and necessary document to the Migration Issues Directorate (Göç İdaresi).

 In Turkey short-term residence permits are issued for the period, not exceeding 2 years. Requests for residence permit prolongation may be submitted 60 days before the card expires at the latest. In Turkey you may get a long-term residence permit only after 8 years of permanent residence.

After getting such residence permit a foreigner may enter the country and leave it as many times as he wishes without making visa until the resident permit expires.