Work in Portugal

How to find a job in Portugal for foreigners?

There are always options.

Here we offer the fullest selection of websites for getting jobs in Portugal; it includes classic job search engines, job boards and the employment agency website.

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Do EU-citizens need a working visa?  

Portugal is a Schengen country and the European Union member state. It allows the nationals with the EU passports working and living in Portugal without any special work permit.  

Foreigners’ entry for working in Portugal

To enter Portugal, a foreigner must be issued with an entry visa.
Depending on the duration of employment, Portugal offers two main categories of working visas:
 1) work in Portugal for less than 3 months requires a short-term working visa (up to 90 days) Temporary Stay Visa,
 2) work in Portugal for more than 3 months requires a Residence Visa with subsequent receipt of residence permit.  

How to get a Portuguese Residence Visa?

Foreign job seekers must submit their documents for a working (residence) visa, to enter Portugal, in person to a local Consulate  in the country of residence or ONLINE before visiting the Consulate. That helps you to save your time and money if you are living in a non-metropolitan area. 

Quota limit for employment in Portugal

Not every job offer in Portugal is available for nationals of the third countries (Non-EU/EEC countries and those, which are not parties to the agreement on the free movement of persons). Every year the Portuguese government sets the quota of jobs, which are available for those, who are not residents of Portugal or EEC. If a company in Portugal is going to hire the third countries nationals due to lack of suitable candidates on the local job market, it shall apply to the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP), which will place the vacancy on its website. The list of such vacancies shall be also delivered to the Embassies and the Consulates of Portugal. 

If a foreign job seeker finds a job offer in Portugal, which corresponds to his or her qualification, he or she must send a CV to the company. If they agreed upon the employment, the potential employee must receive an employment agreement or guaranties for its execution confirmed by the IEFP with a certificate stating that the vacancy was included into the quota and was not occupied by the candidates with privileged status (citizen of Portugal and EEC).

Once you enter Portugal, you must be issued with a residence permit

Residence Visa is issued for 4 months. However, the foreign employee must receive a residence permit. Application for residence permit shall be submitted to Foreigners and Borders Service (Serviço де Estrangeiros е Fronteiras). 


Registration with the social insurance body for working in Portugal

Registration of the new hires with the social insurance body shall be performed by the company in Portugal. The employee is considered to be registered from the first day of the month following the hire date. 

The company in Portugal is obliged to:
- notify the social insurance body of hiring the foreigner on the employment agreement effective date in writing or online via the website of the social insurance body  through the “Segurança Social Directa” option.
- provide the foreign employee with the declaration stating the hire date, identification number of the social insurance system (NISS) and identification tax number (NIF) of the company in Portugal. The foreign employee must also notify the social insurance body, where he or she is registered, of any change in the place of employment or transfer to another company (new employment agreement with another employer). If you fail to meet these requirements, your social security cannot be guaranteed.